Dear Nathan: What To Do With a Key-Losing Girlfriend

DEAR NATHAN: I’m a secretary who happens to make really good coffee. An employee who works in the building likes my coffee and has made himself comfortable at my desk in the morning before he starts work and afterward, before his second job. I am not comfortable with this. He plants himself at my desk, […]


Dear Nathan

DEAR NATHAN: I am an educated, open-minded, well-spoken, well-mannered single man. I enjoy life and smile just about every waking moment. My problem is that people — especially women — think I’m gay. I assure you, I’m not! One woman recently lambasted me, saying her “gaydar” is never wrong, so I should just admit it […]

A Note From Mrs. Badley

Dearest readers, This is Mrs. Badley speaking. I am sorry that my husband will not be able to impart his usual witticism to you. This is quite the issue for him as he has made it his mission in life to write everyday throughout the year. He, however, is currently busy thinking of something very […]

Hard Candy: A Relationship Roadblock

There comes a time in every relationship when you are forced to step back, take a look at the rapport you have developed, and see whether you have a great bond or whether you have built a relationship that is destined to be filled with disappointment and inevitable agony. Everyone must face the harsh truths […]

The Complex, Intricate World of the A-Team: Don’t Try to Understand It

In relationships, there are many ups and downs. Each member of the relationship is forced to look past themselves and reach a place of understanding with the other. For my wife and me, that place of understanding is The A-Team. The A-Team was a show in the mid-eighties. In this program, a group of escaped […]

How To Save Your Relationship the Chinese Way

We men are a very skittish group. Sure, we like to act all tough. We like to pretend we’re a combination of John Wayne and Chuck Norris, but inside we have the valor of a three year old girl, and, often times, even less bravery than that. Due to this, one of the biggest stereotypes […]

List of the Week: Inappropriate Times to Yawn

-While on trial -During a no-yawning contest -In water -While boxing -When your spouse says you aren’t taking their needs seriously -In a swarm of locusts -While playing dead -While swallowing -During a marriage proposal -During the wedding after the proposal -While your wife is in labor -While directing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir -In the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a mere four days away. In the hope of keeping every male reader out of trouble, I have come up with my own Cupid-worthy list, sure to make the woman in your life swoon and, most likely, give you kisses. Hooray for kisses! 1. Food Every woman likes food. It’s a fact. […]