"The Male Mona Lisa"Nathan Badley is a terrific human being. Some would say that if the world were destroyed, the greatest loss suffered would be the loss of him. He is a combination of all that is good in the world. Also, he smells good.

Nathan’s work can be found here as well as other random places throughout the entirety of the world wide web. He uses this blog to let out thoughts that may or may not be brilliant, but are worth reading. Seriously. They are.


33 thoughts on “About

  1. From an awesome human being to the terrific human being…LOVE, LOVE the blog posts! Your sense of humor rocks.

    I certainly hope you come visit my blog sometime and make some comments. My little community will love you! I’m slowly building it up. I try not to make my blog too “girly,” but the fact remains, I am (indeed) a woman…so there will be womanly posts. However, I’m all about the humor and will to do whatever to make things fun!

    Stop by soon, and you can bet I’ll be back (whether you like it or not)…well, unless you block me. πŸ™‚



    • Thanks for checking it out. I appreciate it a lot. I’ll definitely check your stuff out.

      To those reading this, this is not a paid endorsement. If it was a paid endorsement, there would have been mentions of Greek God-like stature in the blogging community.


  2. The reason I read your blog is because I think it’s hilarious. You’re a really creative guy and you have a lot of witty things to say that are really clever and amusing. It’s entertaining. I don’t get through all of your posts, but that’s really just dependent on the subject matter. For example, I’ll read a story about Hulk Hogan because he’s quite a character, but I won’t finish a post about the royal wedding because I’m not interested in some random guy’s life, at all. I guess those are just hits and misses with your audience, depending on what’s popular. I always get through your posts where you talk about your direct experiences and your feelings on something that’s happened to you (someone stealing your words, someone writing you an ignorant message) because I’m always interested in people’s feelings and thoughts about those kind of things (most of the blogs I read are about people’s lives and stories, yours is one of the oddballs on my list because yours is more humor.) I especially LOVE when you write fiction, I think that’s where your artistic side shines the most. It’s always the most interesting because I never know where it’s going to go and you usually build around some element of complete absurdity. It’s nice.

    So yeah that’s what I think. I think I’m gonna do this too on my blog…


  3. good? great? hmmm awesome? darn! i can’t put in the right word to describe your blog cause it’s just value of my time reading it.

    Maybe the word i’m finding here is “Nathan Much” =P

    I am new to blogging, my mind is flashing a lot of things to show and tell but well it’s hard to put it into words that is comprehendible, always have i be impressed by people whom otherwise and make it sounds as interesting.

    Keep it flame and fame up! Thumbs Up!


  4. Hi all πŸ™‚

    Hi Terrific Human “badlandsbadley” Being
    At the begining I think You & Your Blog is Good, but fast I change my mind … It’s More than Good for me.
    At the end I have to say honestly, all of this is One of The Best among the Greatest … for Your Clever Humorous Creativity πŸ™‚
    it’s so Cool entertaining, amazing amusing !!!

    I really Thanks a lot to You for all of this share
    From a Human Wanna Be πŸ™‚
    Jakarta – Indonesia


    • Thank you very much. Sadly, I have already done this. I will go ahead and give you seven more random facts about myself, though.

      1. I do not have cable despite the fact that nearly every television show I enjoy can be found on cable.
      2. Today, I had eggs, a smart bagel, and yogurt for breakfast. It was pretty good, but I would have preferred a huge, greasy, breakfast burrito from Pancho’s, a restaurant just down the street.
      3. I am collecting all of Bob Dylan’s albums on vinyl. So far, I have seven. I have a lot more to go.
      4. Right now, my feet are very cold. I don’t know why. I have socks and shoes on. You would think that would prevent chilly feet.
      5. I have been Freshly Pressed three times. I believe that to have been four too many.
      6. Last night, I had a chicken sandwich. My wife had fish and chips. I’m still bitter that she had a much better dish than I had.
      7. I enjoy many artists in the following genres of music: rock, alternative, folk, jazz, blues, hip hop, country, and Americana. Notice pop music was not listed (That’s right Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. I’m excluding you!)

      I hope that was enough for you.


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    • Thank you very much! I have done this before, so I will decline doing this again, but it is appreciated. I will, however, give you the seven facts about myself.

      1. As a kid, I had a dream where Bowser from Mario chased me around a playground. I may have played too many video games.
      2. I have been licked by a dog no less than 50 times today. Each one was unprovoked and very gross.
      3. I have recently moved to Nashville.
      4. I have recently learned that every restaurant in Nashville serves Banana Pudding. I feel that this is strange, particularly when chocolate pudding exists.
      5. My wife is constantly knitting, yet I still have to buy socks. It seems that she could use a bit of that effort on my feet, but she seems preoccupied with making adorable baby things for our friends.
      6. Despite being a man, I am not ashamed to say I like romantic comedies. I will, however, add the stipulation that Katherine Heigl must not be in any of those movies for me to enjoy them.
      7. My pinky finger is abnormally stubby. So are the rest of my fingers, but my pinky really is.


      • Not surprised you have already been awarded! Thanks for the seven facts. Sorry to hear about the unprovoked licking. I feel that all pinky fingers are weird. Mine overlaps my ring finger when I put all my fingers together. It’s kind of annoying. I will look forward to more of your posts!


  6. Ok, so some people I nominated for awards yesterday didn’t receive my messages (don’t get me started on technology), and for some reason I think I may have tried to send you a private email by accident, lol. It was not a great day yesterday. And so, just in case you didn’t get my message, and in true paranoid, psycho-stalker style, I am contacting you again to let you know that I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award. Of course if you did get my message and ignored / deleted it, please feel free to do so again! At least I will have died trying, lol. I understand if you would prefer not to participate or if you don’t have the time, and of course I totally understand if any acceptance is tongue-in-cheek, I clearly won’t take any offence πŸ˜‰ – In case you’re interested: http://lydiadevadason.wordpress.com/2014/04/19/awards-ceremony/


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