Chocolate: A Real Weakness

In the break room at work, you are bound to run across interesting conversations. More often, though, you are going to hear the same conversations over and over. The break room is not a place to break ground conversationally, lest you choose your conversational choice poorly and spend the next 40 years known as the […]


Hard Candy: A Relationship Roadblock

There comes a time in every relationship when you are forced to step back, take a look at the rapport you have developed, and see whether you have a great bond or whether you have built a relationship that is destined to be filled with disappointment and inevitable agony. Everyone must face the harsh truths […]

I bet this is why they invented tuxedo t-shirts…

There are many challenges that come with being an adult male in a modern society. The pressure to provide for your family? Yes. The pressure of living up to the heroic statuesque proportions that you have set for yourself and that your children have for you? Absolutely. There is one challenge that towers over all […]