The Great State of Denial

Last Thursday was the first day of spring. That should mean that the world should be filled with blooming flowers, sunshine warming the previously frozen world with its golden rays, with growth and the rebirth of nature. Instead, today it was near freezing temperatures. Snow was coming down so hard it looked like we were […]


Wind Chimes: The Least Useful Invention Ever

Sometime around 600 BC in the heart of the Roman empire sat two individuals. “Hey, Marcius,” said the first man. “Is it windy out here? I can’t quite tell.” Marcius licked his finger and held it into the air. His face scrunched and screwed. “You know, Valentinius, I can’t really tell either.” Marcius and Valentinius […]

My Neighbor: A Clinic In Weather-Unawareness

I’m concerned about my neighbor. This is something I’ve thought many times in life. I’ve had several neighbors that worried me, from the emo kids that thought Wednesday night was an appropriate night to party and listen to terrible dubstep music until all hours to the neighbor who had screaming matches with his other neighbor. […]

Heatwave, Schmeatwave: The Art of Beating the Heat

Summer has officially struck. I was made aware of this when the following conversation happened with 32 different people today: “How are you?” “Not too bad. Just trying to beat the heat. It’s really hot!” Yes, a terrible heat wave has set upon us. Instead of standing by your window and booing the outdoors (BOOOOOO!!!! […]

“Six More Weeks of Winter,” Cries Rodent Meterologist

Being a weatherman cannot be an easy job. There are all of those fronts to keep track. You’re constantly looking at your barometer or thermometer and, I would imagine, all kinds of other mometers just to guess what the temperature will be the next day. Plus, you have to be really good at pointing at […]

Today’s Obligatory Blog Post

I woke up today feeling like my head was full of pressure, much like a balloon. Suffice it to say, my least favorite part of spring is here. Allergies. So, thank you so much, Spring, for the wonderful and bountiful gifts you have bestowed on us. I am really enjoying the head full of snot […]