What To Do With Those Leftover Easter Eggs

Once again, the Easter Bunny has come and laid his weird mammal eggs and gone on his way. You have done your part in celebrating Easter, eating the required amount of hollow chocolate rabbits and helping your child dye eggs fun and vibrant colors. The only problem is that you now find yourself with two […]


Reese’s Egg Day!

Easter is a magical time. There are very few holidays that involve mammals laying candy filled eggs and even fewer where biting the heads off of chocolate rabbits are considered acceptable. Throughout the Easter season, stores are inundated with adorable candy. Marshmallow peeps and egg shaped everything are there at every turn. Tiny chocolate eggs […]

Say It Ain’t So, Mike and Ike

It’s a dark day. With unemployment still high and a global recession looming, it seemed impossible for things to get worse. Then North Korea announced it had tested a long-range missile, putting the entire world in jeopardy. Then that missile broke apart in the air, causing those North Koreans to become angrier, thus more likely […]

Happy Easter! Enjoy Your Rabbit Eggs…

Easter is full of a great number of things. Delicious egg shaped candies. Terrible egg shaped candies. Pastel colors. Awkwardness when you wish a person of Jewish descent “Happy Easter.” The most popular of these things, though, seems to be the Easter Bunny. Yes, the legend of a hermaphroditic rabbit (seriously, look it up) has […]

I Guess My Blog is Lovely?

I don’t win a lot of things. I once beat my phone at a game of Monopoly, but I’m still pretty convinced that was a fluke. Because of this, my life has been fairly awardless. (Yes, I know awardless isn’t a word. Thanks for noticing, Captain Dictionary.) I do not frequently win or receive nominations […]

Good Friday Would Be A Whole Lot Better Without Work

Right now, as you read this, I know exactly what you are thinking. “This Friday, somehow, seems different. It seems…. much more gooder.” First of all, gooder is not a word. That is the worst grammar I have ever seen. Your English teachers have been whipped into a violent rage because of what you just […]

Man Proves Jesus Used A Different Calendar. Well, Good For Him.

With Easter only days away, it is time, once again, for another terrific episode of “Biblical Mysteries Revealed.” In today’s episode, we will look at Jesus’ famed Last Supper, a delicious meal shared with his disciples, which, according to the famous painting, refused to sit on the opposite side of the table as Jesus. Despite […]