Thank You For the Roller Coaster of Emotions, Man at the Library

In life, there are a lot of rules. I mean literally dozens of them. Every day you are told how fast you’re allowed to drive, how many items you are allowed to steal (none, FYI), how many items you can have when you go through the express checkout lane, whether you are or are not […]


I Don’t Want To Be Funny, So Leave Me Alone

As the writer of a humor blog, there is a lot of pressure to be funny. It is, after all, a humor blog. If someone were writing a humor blog that was not funny, it would kind of defeat the entire purpose of the blog. Over the past 514 posts, I have written many humorous […]

Coffee Shop Writing: Millions of Starbucks Patrons Can’t Be Wrong!

  Admittedly, I am not the coolest person in the world. I do not know the popular music of the day (“People still like Chumbawumba, right?”) and I have never seen, read, or paid any attention to anything involving “Twilight.” I do not know anything about Tom Cruise’s divorce aside from the fact that Cruise […]

Lady Gaga and Mystery Man Arrested After Hot Air Balloon Joy Ride*

There, on the front page of Yahoo, was what was sure to be the biggest news story of the year. “Bad-boy Actor Pummels Justin Bieber.” Finally, after tormenting the world for what seems like years, some actor had taken care of Bieber once and for all. It was probably Nicholas Cage. Cage doesn’t seem to […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: “The Ladore Luger: Part 2″

Welcome to Part II of “The Ladore Luger.” When we last left Billy Hamilton, he had just finished tormenting a complete stranger at a bus stop. He was then offered a chance to ride with a jerk from his school and you were given the chance to vote for what you wanted him to do. […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: “The Ladore Luger: Part 1”

Today is the first segment of our new Choose Your Own Adventure series, “The Ladore Luger.” (Don’t worry. The title will make sense.) Enjoy and remember: you will be responsible for the decisions 16-year-old Billy Hamilton makes.   “Billy!” The voice rang off of the walls and echoed through the hall, forcing its way into […]