I Am So Ashamed

Dear readers, As you might have noticed, nothing was placed on my blog yesterday. There is what I feel to be a very good reason. You cannot write and drive a large truck at the same time. After a morning of loading box after box, I hopped behind the wheel of a 22’ Penske truck […]


Homemade Ice Cream (The Joy of Summer)

Nothing is better on a hot summer day than homemade ice cream. Actually, several things would be better. For instance, a machine that makes the summer day mild instead of hot. Also my own yacht. Homemade ice cream, though, is pretty great. In honor of this beacon of hope on a sweltering summer day, I […]

Heatwave, Schmeatwave: The Art of Beating the Heat

Summer has officially struck. I was made aware of this when the following conversation happened with 32 different people today: “How are you?” “Not too bad. Just trying to beat the heat. It’s really hot!” Yes, a terrible heat wave has set upon us. Instead of standing by your window and booing the outdoors (BOOOOOO!!!! […]