Choose Your Own Adventure: “The Ladore Luger: Part 3”

Last week, wee Billy Hamilton was faced with yet another dilemma in my continuing saga of “The Ladore Luger.” (Catch up with Part 1 and Part 2) After a rough start to the day, Billy had the opportunity to look at a paper that his principal was arguing about in the next room. After tallying […]


Choose Your Own Adventure: “The Ladore Luger: Part 2″

Welcome to Part II of “The Ladore Luger.” When we last left Billy Hamilton, he had just finished tormenting a complete stranger at a bus stop. He was then offered a chance to ride with a jerk from his school and you were given the chance to vote for what you wanted him to do. […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: “The Ladore Luger: Part 1”

Today is the first segment of our new Choose Your Own Adventure series, “The Ladore Luger.” (Don’t worry. The title will make sense.) Enjoy and remember: you will be responsible for the decisions 16-year-old Billy Hamilton makes.   “Billy!” The voice rang off of the walls and echoed through the hall, forcing its way into […]

“Choose Your Own Adventure: Volume II” Coming Soon…

Last year, I tried a grand experiment. Fondly remembering the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books of my childhood, I turned this very blog into one of those, allowing readers to decide the fate of a character in a moderately decent work of fiction. I will be attempting this again, only there is one catch: you, […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Landonburg or Bust, the finale

Welcome to the finale of Landonburg or Bust. Before reading, it is highly recommended that you look at the other four parts. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4   “Well? What do you want to do?” the officer asked again. Craig’s thoughts began to crystallize. “Could you delay him long enough for me […]

Landonburg or Bust Finale

Tomorrow, I will write and post the grand finale of our Choose Your Own Adventure experiment. There is a tiny issue, however. At this second, there are two decisions tied for the lead. That means that Craig can’t move on to the next chapter of his adventure. Uh oh! I need people, or at least […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Landonburg or Bust Part 4

Warning: If you haven’t read the other parts of this story, you will be confused. Check them out. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Mason slowly slid his wallet out of his back pocket, then carefully pulled his license from the worn plastic cover inside. His face had grown tense, his hand slightly trembled as […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Landonburg Or Bust Part 3

After two segments of Landonburg or Bust, Craig was left with the decision of whether to open Mason’s box or run away. America has voted (and by America, I mean roughly 12 people) and you have chosen the box. Part 1 Part 2 We join out protagonist after the choice is made. A glance to […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Landonburg or Bust Part 2

After a very close vote, you people have chosen that Craig remain in the car with Mason. Although I was hoping that Craig would steal Mason’s beef jerkey and run, I’m not in control. If you haven’t read part 1, here it is. Without further ado, here is part two of “Landonburg or Bust.” Craig […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Landonburg or Bust Part 1

As a child, there was type of book that always held my interest: Choose your own adventure books. In these books, you follow a story and then at pivotal plot points, you would decide what the main character did. We are going to attempt an experiment here on The Life and Times. This is the […]