Stop Being Creepy Google

Yesterday, I wrote an amusing little vignette about an email I had received. I am, of course, using the word “amusing” very loosely. I guess you could say the same thing about “vignette.” Really, most of that last sentence was a large pile of crap. In this email I referred to, the Republican National Committee […]


At Long Last, Information About The iPhone 6 Is Here

Rumors about the upcoming iPhone 6 have been flying about the internet for months. It is single-handedly the most anticipated upcoming phone that begins with a vowel that is not a, e, o, u, or sometimes y. A quick Google search for “iPhone 6 rumors” will bring up 103,000,000 results, most of which do not […]

Social Media: Bringing Unprecedented Stupidity Since 1994

Social media can be a very useful tool. It can be a great way to spread breaking news. Studies show that social media can help improve life satisfaction and overall well-being. It can help facilitate political change, promote good deeds throughout a community, disarm social stigmas, and help law enforcement catch and prosecute criminals. For […]

Great, Now The Robots Are Better At Being Rude Than Us…

Yesterday, I wrote about worrisome technology and how, with just a pile of Legos, our phones could take over the world. As if that weren’t bad enough, now we have to worry about their attitudes. At Carnegie Mellon University, a robotics professor along with his students have developed a robot that plays Scrabble. Normally when […]

Legos And Smartphones: Out To Take Over The World

A while back, I ran across a list online of the things that the smartest people are worried about. I immediately felt like an idiot because the list consisted of things like whether we have outsourced too many skills to machines and not things I spend time worrying about like whether I am out of […]

The Unfortunate and Untimely Demise Of An Innocent Email Account

An email account is a difficult thing to maintain. Everything always starts out nicely. You sign up for an account and selectively give out your email address. At some point, though, you need to order something online. You say to yourself, “I’ll just put my email in right here. It’s no big deal.” Then you […]

Soon We Will Be Cavemen Again

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no doubt about it. We as a species are devolving. At this moment, we as a society are dumbing ourselves down voluntarily in an effort to “socialize”. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, we were very stupid. We could barely communicate. Scientists say that the humans that lived in this […]

No CNN, I Do Not Care About Justin Bieber

Technology is a wonderful thing. There once was a time when we could not have every bit of news in front of us at a seconds notice. You would have to wait for people like Walter Cronkite to come on TV at a certain time and let you know that indeed there was something that […]