Justin Bieber Shouts Out To Me At the AMA’s! Dreams Do Come True!

Dear Justin Bieber, Congratulations on your big win at the American Music Awards tonight. Winning “Favorite Musical Artist” is the most valuable award a musician can win if we aren’t counting a Grammy. A Grammy is a much bigger deal. I did not see it myself. I tend to not watch awards shows like this. […]


Congratulations, Street Musicians! You All Know the Same Songs!

It has been said that everyone is Nashville is a musician. I assumed this was an exaggeration until I meandered through downtown this evening. Everywhere I went on this, a Thursday evening, there were singers. They were all singing the same songs, playing the same chords, wearing the same Wrangler jeans. Well, maybe not wearing […]

Justin Bieber: The New Shakespeare Has Arrived

First published in 1609, the love sonnets of William Shakespeare have managed to be the guideline for all things romantic since. Now, over 400 years later, his words still ring true: “Against my love shall be as I am now, With Time’s injurious hand crush’d and o’erworn.” Who can deny that Shakespeare felt… there was […]

The Great Pop Star Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories are everywhere. No matter how ridiculous these ideas, people will not let them go. People continue to insist that Elvis and Tupac are alive and well, frolicking on the beach. They thought the same about Hitler, though if he was still alive, he would be 123. Odds are his frolicking would be much […]

The Beatles 2.0: Paul McCartney’s Son Tries to Kill Music

As an audiophile a gigantic music nerd, there are few rules I feel that the music world should follow. No band should use an electronic instrument if they can use a real instrument to make that same sound. No matter what anyone says, bands like Coldplay are not brilliant musically unless you consider trying to […]

Christmas Music: A Holiday Plague

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a very big fan of the Christmas season. What’s not to like? You get presents, people at least try to be nice to each other, and fat old men are revered instead of ridiculed. It sounds like pure bliss to me. Unfortunately, this season has a dark underbelly […]

Aliens Infiltrate Sammy Hagar’s Brain, Completely Ignore Mine

As I began to peruse my daily news today, my eyes immediately jumped to an article about Sammy Hagar. You might remember Sammy Hagar as 99% of America’s second favorite Van Halen singer (if you like Gary Cherone better, I assume you know nothing about music, therefore you do not count in my statistics). While […]

Why Music Gets Stuck in Our Head (Complete With Medical Reasoning!)

It happens to me everyday. I’m sure it happens to everyone else just as frequently. You wake up, ready to start the day, when, without warning, a tune you have not heard in the past 10 years pops into your head. Suddenly you find yourself singing Ice Ice Baby or thinking through the lyrics of […]