Congratulations, Street Musicians! You All Know the Same Songs!

English: Street musician, Fountain Street, Bel...

It has been said that everyone is Nashville is a musician. I assumed this was an exaggeration until I meandered through downtown this evening.

Everywhere I went on this, a Thursday evening, there were singers. They were all singing the same songs, playing the same chords, wearing the same Wrangler jeans. Well, maybe not wearing the same jeans. They all had their own pair of jeans, but they all looked the same.

Point being, I heard the song “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” multiple times. I heard band after band try to put a new spin on a Johnny Cash song only to fail miserably. Several people tried, unsuccessfully, to sound like Hank Williams. I heard a guy play the Addams family song complete with snaps. That last one doesn’t fit with what I’m saying, but I just wanted someone to know.

In the spirit of these musical geniuses, I have written a poetic tribute in the form of haiku. Enjoy.

Modern Day Minstrels

Nashville troubadours.
Sing until your lungs give out.
George Strait again? Ugh…

5 thoughts on “Congratulations, Street Musicians! You All Know the Same Songs!

  1. This is so much like that one period in history when the only songs that people, who were trying hard to sound like good singers and who were competing in various singing competitions, knew were Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, “Rumor Has It” and “Set Fire To The Rain”. i’m glad that that whole obsession with Adele’s songs is a bit over now.


    • I came into the Adele party a bit late, so I hadn’t heard “Rolling in the Deep” until everyone else was already tired of it. I wanted to hate it, but it is good. Unfortunately, anyone else singing it would definitely be less good.


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