Christmas Music: How Soon Is Too Soon?

This is my first post with the website Talk Nerdy With Us. Really it’s my second, but the first one hardly counts because I had to acknowledge the existence of Miley Cyrus in it. If you’re a good person, you will click here and look at this. If you’re not, that’s fine. We can’t all […]


Nothing Says Tranquility Like A Plane Soaring Overhead

  After a long day spent staring directly at the glowing soul-sucker we call a computer, there is nothing nicer than sitting outside, away from all of the world’s technology and hiding from the day’s problems. Going outside and hearing the wind blow quietly through the trees, maybe the chirp of a bird in the […]

Pillows: Man’s Best Friend

You know how people say that a dog is man’s best friend? That’s wrong. A dog is a man’s responsibility. A dog is a little poop factory that’s only goal in life is to eat food directly off of your plate the second you turn around. If anything, dogs are man’s neediest friend. There is […]

Farewell, Kansas City

It was the summer after my first grade year. The first seven years of my life had been, to my knowledge, pretty good. I had no major complaints, I had made some friends, and had even learned to ride my bike without training wheels. Things could not be better. Despite this, I found myself leaving […]

Tales From the Public Restroom

Warning: The following post is an excellent example of over sharing. If you do not care for over sharing, please move along to a different blog. I hear there are a lot of blogs that feature recipes. Maybe you could learn to make a nice spinach dip or some tomato relish to garnish your black […]

I Miss You Already, Vacation

Once again, vacation, you have come and gone. After a week of relaxation, fun, and Moon Pies, I will be returning to the rat race of everyday life. There will be no more sleeping late or doing whatever I want. I will have to go back to paying bills and driving to work and grooming. […]

The Day the Waffle Iron Nearly Killed Us All

Dear Gentleman at the Continental Breakfast, Hello there. How have you enjoyed your stay at the Atlanta Comfort Suites? I thought it was great. They were nice enough to provide their guests the best amenities that a hotel has to offer, giving us everything from carpeted floors to shower curtains. Granted, the shower curtains were […]