My Niece, The Ultimate Patriot

Today, my 3-year-old niece and her family arrived back after a long vacation. Over the past two weeks, they visited Ireland, Germany, France, and England. They were witnesses to some of history’s greatest treasures, viewing Stonehenge, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, and Notre Dame. As a child, I never visited anything as monumental […]

The Day the Waffle Iron Nearly Killed Us All

Dear Gentleman at the Continental Breakfast, Hello there. How have you enjoyed your stay at the Atlanta Comfort Suites? I thought it was great. They were nice enough to provide their guests the best amenities that a hotel has to offer, giving us everything from carpeted floors to shower curtains. Granted, the shower curtains were […]

My Day at the Airport

8:30- Arrive at the airport. My 9:30 flight is delayed until 11:30. I have no choice but to kill time until my flight by wandering through every store in the airport terminal. 8:35- Having forgotten how Kansas City International works, I am reminded that there are only two stores in the entire terminal. Having seen […]

How to Survive Flying With Your Sanity Intact

There is no idea as glamorous as flying. Sitting down in a machine that allows you to soar through the clouds is a modern mechanical miracle that defies logic as you are carried to your destination in the belly of a giant mechanical bird. Yes, the idea of flying is unbelievably glamorous. The actual process […]

Thursday Haiku

 A fall down the stairs Can lead to revelations. More likely: sore back. Related Articles A Poetic Affirmation for John Brantley: Haiku ( Haiku of the Day ( The Melancholy of Moving in Haiku ( Haikus (