Clive Palmer, My New Best Friend

About a year and a half ago, I wrote about a gentleman named Clive Palmer. I’ll take a quick second to refresh everyone on our dear friend Clive. All of his life, Australian Clive Palmer had a dream. Unlike most people, this dream wasn’t to become rich and famous. Palmer is a mining tycoon so, […]

What’s In a Name? If It’s Titanic, Quite a Bit…

There are some ideas that seem bad. Then there are ideas that set a landmark for awfulness, ideas that make every appalling decision you have ever made seem mildly brilliant. These ideas do not come along very often, so when they do it is always something very special. Usually these ideas come from a person […]

How to Survive Flying With Your Sanity Intact

There is no idea as glamorous as flying. Sitting down in a machine that allows you to soar through the clouds is a modern mechanical miracle that defies logic as you are carried to your destination in the belly of a giant mechanical bird. Yes, the idea of flying is unbelievably glamorous. The actual process […]