The Wing That Got Away

There it laid, sprawled out in the middle of the floor. There were no signs of life, not that there ever were. The splatters from the crash landing coated the area around it. By all accounts, it was a disaster. Seeing that devastation, that destruction, it’s hard to believe that just 30 seconds before that […]

If I Ever Go Missing, Ask My Wife About It First

When you enter a committed, monogamous relationship with someone, you will eventually find out some strange facts about your chosen mate. They might brush their teeth in the shower or floss in bed. For me, I found out my wife likes to slather her grilled cheese sandwiches in mayonnaise, kisses dogs on the mouth, and […]

The Day the Waffle Iron Nearly Killed Us All

Dear Gentleman at the Continental Breakfast, Hello there. How have you enjoyed your stay at the Atlanta Comfort Suites? I thought it was great. They were nice enough to provide their guests the best amenities that a hotel has to offer, giving us everything from carpeted floors to shower curtains. Granted, the shower curtains were […]