Man Sets Record For Fastest Marathon While Dribbling Two Basketballs. Seriously. That Really Happened.

As a kid, we are told we can do anything we want. Obviously, this is not true. If it was, everyone would be a doctor, astronaut, fireman, or professional athlete. We would be in real trouble if our pipes clogged because NFL quarterbacks are not known for their plumbing abilities. As adults, our dreams are […]


Operation Boob Tube, Part 3: The Part of the Story Where It Ends

And now the exciting conclusion… We sat there throughout the game. Sure, I was enjoying the hockey, but I had destiny on my mind.  With  a minute left in the game, I gave my sister the top-secret ultra-hush-hush super-stealthy signal that it was time for my plan to be sat in motion. “Hey,” I said. “We […]

Operation Boob Tube, Part 1

2013 Goal #28: Get On TV Everyone wants to be on TV. There is nothing more exciting than knowing that there are possibly millions of human beings looking at your face. Sure, many of them will change the channel to something more entertaining and even more of them will only watch you because they are […]

Sports Are Strange…

  Sports situation: During a baseball game this evening, the umpires made what many thought was a bad call. When a ball was hit into shallow left field, the umpire called it an infield fly despite the fact that the infielder could not “catch the ball with ordinary effort.” The crowd was very upset and […]

Golf: I Guess It Would Be a Good Sport To Nap To

  As a self-admitted sports nerd, I am very willing to watch most sports. Baseball, football, basketball are all consumed by me without hesitation. I have even watched sports I don’t really like (I’m talking to you, soccer) just because they are on. There is one, though, that I will never, ever, under any circumstance […]

Confession: I Am Not an Award-Winning Athlete

I would like to take a break from my normal blogging for a very special note to someone. Earlier this evening, I happened to notice it was a lovely night out. Being the fitness fanatic I am, I did what any athletic-minded person would do: stop shoving food in my fat mouth long enough to […]

Goodbye 2012 Olympics. You Will Be Missed.

After two weeks, tonight marks the end of the 2012 Olympics. It seems like just yesterday we were watching countries marching into the opening ceremonies and trying to figure out where Equatorial Guinea is located. Now, though, our time has come to an end. In honor of the end of the greatest Olympics to happen […]

Wife Talk: Olympic Edition

    Every four years, the ultimate athletic event takes place. Thousands of athletes from around the entire planet come together to see who is truly superior at dozens of athletic contests that no one ever thinks about outside of this event.   People have spent the week asking about Michael Phelps or the United […]

Baseball and Public Intoxication: What a Pair of Bedfellows!

One of the great parts of any professional sporting event is people watching. There is a virtual smorgasbord of people from all walks of life converging into a sea of cheering fans. None of these are as entertaining, obnoxious, or obnoxiously entertaining as the drunk fan. How do you honor a group that provides so […]

Super Bowl XLVI: The Best Live Blog to Ever Live

It can be very hard to keep up with all of the Super Bowl’s happenings. You might miss something while you get your fourth helping of cheese dip. What if there is a line for the bathroom? You could miss one of the most amazing, unforgettable moments in sports history while you’re trying to contain […]