National Cheesecake Day: A Look Back At the History of Cheesecake

Happy National Cheesecake Day! In our of our favorite cheese based dessert, we will take a minute to look back at the history of this incredibly heavy dessert. 500 BC- Aegimus, a Greek physician, writes a book on the art of making cheesecake. In a possibly related note, the average weight of the Greeks balloons […]

Kitchen Safety: How To Avoid Dying In The Most Dangerous Room Ever Created

There are some days where you feel like an idiot. A big honkin’ idiot. An idiot to end all idiots, the idiot king if you will. Everyone has those days. You accidentally trip and skin your knee on your way to work, you fall off of a treadmill during your daily workout routine, you accidentally […]

Why Music Gets Stuck in Our Head (Complete With Medical Reasoning!)

It happens to me everyday. I’m sure it happens to everyone else just as frequently. You wake up, ready to start the day, when, without warning, a tune you have not heard in the past 10 years pops into your head. Suddenly you find yourself singing Ice Ice Baby or thinking through the lyrics of […]