I Don’t Want To Be Funny, So Leave Me Alone

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As the writer of a humor blog, there is a lot of pressure to be funny. It is, after all, a humor blog. If someone were writing a humor blog that was not funny, it would kind of defeat the entire purpose of the blog.

Over the past 514 posts, I have written many humorous pieces. I have also written many pieces that were only funny to myself, but they were still amusing to someone. In fact, I have had people go as far as to say I am “funny.”

Some days, though, I do not feel funny.

It isn’t that I don’t want to be funny. I do. As much as I say I don’t like it, receiving an “LOL” or a nice winky-face emoticon is very fulfilling. I like to think that people are chuckling or guffawing at some of the ridiculous things I have pointed out in life. Maybe somewhere, someone is giggling at an inappropriate time because of something I have written.

As it turns out, though, being comical can wear on you. I constantly find myself watching people, hoping they will do something ridiculous that I can share for the amusement of the millions upon millions that read my blog. (Editor’s note: This should read dozens. Don’t tell Nathan that, though. He would like to remain in his bubble of self-importance.)

Humor can start stressing me out. At times like this, I begin to think of new blogs I could possibly write. Maybe a nice interior decorating blog, though I would have to learn how to decorate interiors first. A cooking blog would be fun, but eventually it would just be me slapping different types of meat on a George Foreman grill. No one would read that.

(Completely unrelated side note: Every time I type the word “blog,” my computer pops up the red squiggly lines that mean “that isn’t a word, you big stupid idiot.” This post is riddled with these lines and recommendations that I meant to write about my “bog” or “bloc.” I have never written a “blot,” but maybe that would be easier. I should look into that.)

I guess I could write about the shoes I got out to wear today only to find they had no shoestrings. I don’t know where the shoestrings went. Maybe there is a rash of shoestring thefts in my neighborhood that I have not heard about. There is definitely something funny in that. I am just far too uninterested in finding it today.

Maybe I am going about this whole blog thing the complete wrong way. Maybe I shouldn’t try to be funny. I should just post adorable pictures like this:


Everyone loves an adorable kitten. If they don’t, it is quite possible that they are the most heartless and evil human being on the planet. Or that they have been around kittens. Kittens can be super-annoying.

So, I am sorry that I am not funny today. I am also sorry if you think I am never funny, though if that is the case you should probably find something better to do with your time than read this blog.

I recommend cooking with a Foreman Grill. It is really easy.


20 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Be Funny, So Leave Me Alone

  1. I don’t like people who force themselves (and thus, others) to be funny when they aren’t. So if this is no funny day for you, don’t even try to be funny. By the way, it is quite possible to cope with serious or even sad posts. Or even with the fact that Nathan needs a break (though, admittedly, this might be annoying for those who ritually have a look at Nathan’s Pages every day at the same time).
    So just do what you like.


  2. I read the comments above before adding my in…I’m sorry 😦 I actually grinned at your post….and thought it was….funny….really I did!

    I think most of your posts have at the very least made me grin!
    I don’t think you need to force funny…this post is proof of it, well to me at least 🙂


  3. “There was a time when I found myself funny. Today, you have proven me wrong. Thank you.” – Mrs. Doubtfire

    Humor is subjective. Keep up the good work.


  4. Yes, i am to serious to be funny, That is why i post a bunch of hog wash on my blog. Some of it is mine, others is what i get on the net. So, i take my hat of to u for this blog. And know that u are loved and some where, some one is thinking of some thing u have posted along the way.


  5. As I’ve mentioned before, you are one of the most consistently funny writers I know. I realize that might not mean much, considering I don’t stand on a street corner with a sign proclaiming that fact; but in all seriousness, your blog makes me smile, and genuinely laugh on a regular basis more than any other. That is not only because your pic is on it.


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