I Am So Ashamed

Dear readers,

As you might have noticed, nothing was placed on my blog yesterday. There is what I feel to be a very good reason.

You cannot write and drive a large truck at the same time.

After a morning of loading box after box, I hopped behind the wheel of a 22’ Penske truck and drove for the next 12 hours. As it turns out, typing and controlling a large vehicle that can and will crush people if you are not paying attention do not mix. It is also difficult to eat dill flavored chips while driving, but that is a whole different subject.

This would not be a big deal except for one thing. My goal had been to post every day throughout the year. Post something. Literally anything. Instead of following through on my goal, I helped relocated a large number of boxes of stuff. There was a lot of stuff, all of it traveling 70 miles an hour with a driver hoping that each overpass was high enough to pass through.

As I was focused on preventing death, I did not post a single thing. I feel a tremendous amount of regret and sorrow. I also feel like I have discovered how much caffeine a person can drink in a day without dying and found a true hatred of cardboard boxes.

I promise two things: tomorrow will be back to normal and I will never ever drink another cherry limeade flavored energy drink. It does not taste like a cherry limeade and it will make your urine an interesting color.

That may have been an overshare.




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