Thank You For the Roller Coaster of Emotions, Man at the Library

In life, there are a lot of rules. I mean literally dozens of them. Every day you are told how fast you’re allowed to drive, how many items you are allowed to steal (none, FYI), how many items you can have when you go through the express checkout lane, whether you are or are not […]


No, The Novelization of “Men In Black” Does Not Count as a Book

I was peacefully enjoying a nice cup of tea today when I happened to glance across the room. There sat a man reading. This is not unusual. In fact, I see people reading almost every day. If you didn’t know better, you would think these people had no TV or something. They’re probably just there […]

Disney to spinoff “Boy Meets World,” continue destroying everything good about my childhood

My first post for the site The Commission is up today. Click here to read it. Read it many times. You should repeatedly read it until your eyes bleed. Then, you should get a friend to read it to you since it can be very difficult to read through bloody eyes. Thanks in advance for reading […]