A Note From Mrs. Badley

Dearest readers,

This is Mrs. Badley speaking. I am sorry that my husband will not be able to impart his usual witticism to you. This is quite the issue for him as he has made it his mission in life to write everyday throughout the year. He, however, is currently busy thinking of something very fun for us to do as a couple tonight. Today, you see, is our fourth anniversary and, as the man in the relationship, it has fallen upon him to come up with tonight’s bonding activity.

Why did we not think of an activity and plan accordingly days ago, you might ask. Well, to be honest, neither one of us remembered what today was until my father called at seven this morning to wish us a happy anniversary. This lapse in our date remembering is why, instead of working on his blog, he is thinking romantic thoughts. That and the fact that he knows if I am forced to spend one more evening at home watching “Bones” and listening to him wax poetic on the subject of red velvet cupcakes, I will lose what little is left of my mind. I mean, how can one person have so many food related thoughts every day? It’s maddening to say the least. We get it. You like food so much that you can’t be bothered to stop talking long enough to pick up your dirty socks off of the floor. At least when he is talking about food, he is too busy to jab, poke, prod, lick, shove, wet-willy, wedgie, hoist, spin, squish, grope, tickle, nudge, elbow, squeeze, lift, jostle, manhandle or otherwise irritate me.

I really need a break from that.

Happy anniversary my love.  This is my gift to you. Your streak continues.

Oh, and you better have something good planned, or else.

21 thoughts on “A Note From Mrs. Badley

  1. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your day, I’m sure there’s a great plan for this event, something crafted out from Mr. Bradley’s witticism. 🙂


    • “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
      Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
      Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
      And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.

      Have you ever had dates, by the way? I don’t much care for them. I wonder if there are any good recipes involving dates that I could find. Maybe if I used them in some sort of flan, they would be good.

      Anyway, back to the poem!”


  2. So how did the anniversary date turn out? I hope Nathan got himself out of the dog house, although, knowing him, I’m sure he was back in in no time. Happy anniversary. My husband and I are going on 38 years, and we still have trouble thinking of something to do. Apparently we’ve done it all.


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