What’s In a Name? If It’s Titanic, Quite a Bit…

There are some ideas that seem bad. Then there are ideas that set a landmark for awfulness, ideas that make every appalling decision you have ever made seem mildly brilliant. These ideas do not come along very often, so when they do it is always something very special. Usually these ideas come from a person […]

The Secret to the Perfect Tea? The Correct Poo, Of Course…

In the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City, there is a place called The Tea Drop. It is like many coffee shops in the world except for one thing: it only serves tea. Oolong tea and Jasmine tea and weirder types that involve made-up words like “Yunnan” or “Lichee.” As one of the world’s biggest coffee […]

How To Save Your Relationship the Chinese Way

We men are a very skittish group. Sure, we like to act all tough. We like to pretend we’re a combination of John Wayne and Chuck Norris, but inside we have the valor of a three year old girl, and, often times, even less bravery than that. Due to this, one of the biggest stereotypes […]

Don’t Worry. If The Government Shuts Down, I’m Right Here.

If you have read the news in the last few weeks, you know that Charlie Sheen has gone on a nationwide tour. After reading that magnificent tome, if you turned to the page that houses actual news, you would have found a crazy political story. It seems that our two political parties (the Dimocrats and […]