Science Argues Women are Smarter Than Men, Men too Stupid to Refute

As a child, there were a handful of debates that raged on the playground. Debate #1: Chocolate milk versus regular. Obviously chocolate won hands down every time, but a few kids clung onto their love for regular. Of course, there were the oddballs who would want to throw strawberry into the mix, but everyone knows […]


“Women Are Irrational,” Says Science

Well, it’s official. Science has proven it, and there is no disputing the facts here, ladies and gentlemen. Women are completely and utterly irrational. Science Daily, a publication I assume to be very reputable because it has the word “Science” in the title, not to mention they know enough to publish something “Daily,” has published […]

The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a mere four days away. In the hope of keeping every male reader out of trouble, I have come up with my own Cupid-worthy list, sure to make the woman in your life swoon and, most likely, give you kisses. Hooray for kisses! 1. Food Every woman likes food. It’s a fact. […]