The Perfect Valentine

No one wants to waste all of their money on a Valentine. There are much better things to spend your money on, such as the Valentine’s Day candy that will be marked 50% off on the 15th. You need to save up for that because those sweethearts won’t be back for another year. For those […]


Twas Two Nights Before Christmas

Twas two nights before Christmas And all through the town The men were panicked for no gift had they found. “I’m dead meat, I’m done,” They cried in defeat As some other lucky husband grabbed the last jewelry that was cheap. They went to store after store But to no avail As the hours were […]

The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a mere four days away. In the hope of keeping every male reader out of trouble, I have come up with my own Cupid-worthy list, sure to make the woman in your life swoon and, most likely, give you kisses. Hooray for kisses! 1. Food Every woman likes food. It’s a fact. […]