Thanks For My New Indoor Pool, Landlord

Dear Landlord, How’s it going? I am doing relatively well. I mean, I wouldn’t say spectacular seeing as how I am taking the time to write to you, but definitely relatively well. I was writing you to tell you a story you might find interesting. It all started early this evening. I was watching the […]


Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, the day that, according to Wikipedia is an “annual day on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment.” In honor of this spirit, I have included the following letter to Earth for everyone to sign:   Simply print this letter, sign it, take to your backyard […]

Dear 7-Eleven Gas Station Attendent

Dear 7-Eleven Gas Station Attendent, You might not remember me. Earlier this evening, I came into your fine establishment to purchase a drink. After much debate, I settled on a Big Gulp, realizing I was far too thirsty for a single Gulp, but definitely not thirsty enough for a Double Gulp. As I walked towards […]

Thanks for Accepting My Tax Money, Government. Glad I Can Help.

Dear Government, Good evening. I hope this letter finds you well. You might not know me. My name is Nathan Badley. You probably know me as SSN# 111111111. I was writing to let you know that I have, officially, filed my taxes. Much like most Americans, I have spent the last week cursing your name […]

Dear Gentleman Behind Me In the Movie Theater…

Dear gentleman behind me in the movie theater, Wow! That sure was a great movie, huh? I bet you thought there were a lot of very funny parts and a good soundtrack. I know you enjoyed it because I could hear your laughter. I, however, am not sure whether I enjoyed it or not. See, […]

My Sincerest Apologies. It Appears That I May Suck.

Just days ago, I wrote a post declaring my predictions for the Oscars. I found it to be a mildly entertaining, albeit not fantastic, post that was worthy of being posted on my mildly entertaining, albeit not fantastic, blog. It was not the best thing I’ve ever written. That said, it was also not the […]