A Note From Mrs. Badley

Dearest readers, This is Mrs. Badley speaking. I am sorry that my husband will not be able to impart his usual witticism to you. This is quite the issue for him as he has made it his mission in life to write everyday throughout the year. He, however, is currently busy thinking of something very […]

The Dangers of World Peace

It’s been the dream of every Miss America contestant in history. John Lennon sang about it while, for some reason, playing guitar in bed with Yoko. There is even a statistic, the Global Peace Index, devoted solely to the phenomenon. It all, though, seems like a waste of time. The dream of world peace is […]

Lockouts: Fun For the Whole Family!

It’s the newest thing. It seems like if you aren’t doing it, you are missing out on all of the excitement. In fact, if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you’re most likely a huge loser. Everyone in America is doing the lockout. The definition of a lockout is very simple. From Wikipedia: “A […]

List of the Week

I’m not that old. At 23, there should be very little reason to be disappointed with your accomplishments. After all, I have 54.6 years left to leave my mark on the world. With that said, I still feel like a slacker. These people are the reasons why. 1. Blake Griffin– Age 21 In 2009, Griffin […]