Every Conversation I Had Today

Without further ado, I present my one-act play, “Every Conversation I Had Today.”   A man or woman (it doesn’t really matter) walks in a door. The person who is inside that door greets them. Nathan: Hey. How are you doing? Man (or Woman): Wiping brow Boy! It sure is hot today! Nathan: Yeah, I […]


Heatwave, Schmeatwave: The Art of Beating the Heat

Summer has officially struck. I was made aware of this when the following conversation happened with 32 different people today: “How are you?” “Not too bad. Just trying to beat the heat. It’s really hot!” Yes, a terrible heat wave has set upon us. Instead of standing by your window and booing the outdoors (BOOOOOO!!!! […]

August 8: History’s Worst Day?

Turn on the news. Right now. Just for a second flip it on. You won’t want to watch anymore than that second. On this channel, you are certain to hear about the United States stock market dropping faster than Lindsay Lohan at a cocaine and liquor convention. (It was just too easy. I apologize, Ms. […]

Thanks For Visiting, Summer. Could You Leave Me Alone Now?

I hate summer. I hate summer more than you can imagine. If I were a superhero, my arch nemesis would be Dr. Summer. I would spend all of my time trying to stop Dr. Summer from destroying Megaopolis, my superhero location, with his heat ray and humidity blaster. I remember when I was young, I […]

Flag Day: Our Star Spangled Salute to Betsy Ross

The hot, stupid, hot days of summer are here again. It’s time for sunburns, heat exhaustion, embarrassment caused by your swimsuit (Seriously, they told me EVERYONE in Europe wears them!), and, worst of all, people continuing to wear that embarrassing swimsuit even after they have seen that it has left people dry heaving. To make […]

If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen. You Might Also Want to Avoid My Car.

In Wichita, KS this week, there was a heat burst. Within twenty minutes, the heat had risen from mid-80’s to 102. While most people read this story and thought, “Sucks to be Wichita” (By the way, it does. It’s not the most pleasant town ever), I read it and was instantly able to relate. My […]