Farewell, Kansas City

It was the summer after my first grade year. The first seven years of my life had been, to my knowledge, pretty good. I had no major complaints, I had made some friends, and had even learned to ride my bike without training wheels. Things could not be better. Despite this, I found myself leaving […]

Soccer: The One Sport Americans Will Not Care About

There are certain things Americans do that make us the butt of jokes across the world. We deep fry everything and dump cheese on it. We drive giant gas-guzzling SUV’s. We watch “Two and a Half Men.” (If the world doesn’t make fun of us for that, they should.) One of the biggest differences between […]

Thanks For Visiting, Summer. Could You Leave Me Alone Now?

I hate summer. I hate summer more than you can imagine. If I were a superhero, my arch nemesis would be Dr. Summer. I would spend all of my time trying to stop Dr. Summer from destroying Megaopolis, my superhero location, with his heat ray and humidity blaster. I remember when I was young, I […]

Google Ignores Topeka’s Desperate Attempt at Relevance

I’m addicted to information. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have survived if I lived in a time when I had to open books to find things out. I mean, come on, books? Fortunately, I live in the internet age. Anything I want to know is at my fingertips at all times. I can […]