In-Law Jokes For the Brown-Nosers Amongst Us…

Through the years, literally hundreds of people have enjoyed a laugh at the expense of their in-laws. They have said all kinds of terrible things about their in-laws intelligence and told stories that end with their in-laws being mauled by dogs. It is very rude to say the least. Just because these disgusting jokes made […]

The Greatest Presidents’ Day Pageant Ever

Let’s be honest: Presidents’ Day gets the shaft. As far as holidays go, it falls somewhere between Labor Day and Micronesia Independence Day. Aside from some killer sales on cars (“0.9% APR on a new Honda!”) and a day off work, no one really cares about Presidents’ Day. Well, it’s time for that to change. […]

Prepare Your Fireworks, One Week Until We Start Trying To Blow Things Up!

This past weekend, I wondered by an Old Navy. Just to be clear, I am talking about the store, not a group of aged sailors. I don’t usually run in the same circles as them. Inside the store, I saw it. There, piled and stacked in the midst of pre-distressed jeans and polo shirts, sat […]

Flag Day: Our Star Spangled Salute to Betsy Ross

The hot, stupid, hot days of summer are here again. It’s time for sunburns, heat exhaustion, embarrassment caused by your swimsuit (Seriously, they told me EVERYONE in Europe wears them!), and, worst of all, people continuing to wear that embarrassing swimsuit even after they have seen that it has left people dry heaving. To make […]