Every Conversation I Had Today

Without further ado, I present my one-act play, “Every Conversation I Had Today.”


A man or woman (it doesn’t really matter) walks in a door. The person who is inside that door greets them.

Nathan: Hey. How are you doing?

Man (or Woman): Wiping brow Boy! It sure is hot today!

Nathan: Yeah, I bet.

Man (or Woman): I hear it’s supposed to get hotter this weekend.

Nathan: I heard that as well.

Man (or Woman): I was outside and it was hot!

Nathan: Yes, I know. You already told me that.

Man (or Woman): I mean, could it get hotter?!

Nathan: I suppose it could.

Man (or Woman): Do you mind if I stay in here a little while? It’s hot out there.

Nathan: No, I do not mind at all.

Man (or Woman): I mean, talk about hot! I just don’t want to go out there because it is so hot!

Nathan: I imagine it is much cooler in here. I can’t blame you for wanting to stay inside.

Man (or Woman): I bet you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. You know, because of the heat.

Nathan: I suppose you wouldn’t want to do that though. It seems like a waste of an egg.

Man (or Woman): My car said its 105 degrees outside! That is so hot!

Nathan: Stares blankly

Man (or Woman): As soon as I stepped outside, I started sweating. I hate the summer. It just gets so hot!

Nathan: I could really say anything I want right now, couldn’t I? You aren’t even sort of paying attention to me.

Man (or Woman): Of course, once the winter rolls around, we’ll be wishing for this heat. I hate it, though. It is just sooooooooo hot.

Nathan: I mean, I could probably just walk away and you would continue to just stand here talking about the weather.

Man (or Woman): If my air conditioner went out at home, I don’t know what I would do.

Nathan: Right…. So I’m just going to leave and go get a drink and you can continue on without me.

Man (or Woman): Continues on like there is someone there. I would probably just sit in my living room sweating. It’s no wonder people die in heat like this.

Man (or Woman): If we could just get some rain, maybe it would cool down.

Man (or Woman): It is just so hot!


End scene.


13 thoughts on “Every Conversation I Had Today

    • I’m glad I could make you laugh. Also, if you feel like you want to reblog it every day for two months, you are encouraged to do so. It would probably annoy people, but it might slip into some kind of surreal post-modern comedy area where people would find it hilarious that they had read the same thing 60 times.


    • The thing is, though, if I avoided conversating, I would have no interesting stories to tell. Sure, I would be happier, but I would be telling very boring stories about my belly button lint. No one wants to hear that.


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  2. Hahahahaa!!!
    That person would certainly die from the heat where I live, so a nice way of getting rid of him/her is telling them to fly down here.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to work around weather mutants.


  3. People in the south are probably laughing at us for being so worked up about a “little” unusual heat. I’d comment further, but hey, it’s just too hot 😉


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