Update: Tennessee Drivers Continue to Scare Me

Yesterday, I wrote what I consider to be a witty piece about the drivers in Tennessee. In short, I said that they are not so good at the steering and braking and that I spend every second that I am on the road trying my best to avoid a fiery and unpleasant death. I am […]

Scrabble Player Caught Cheating (This Title is Worth 51 Points!)

Throughout my life, I have played many board games. There have been trivia games and strategy games. There have even been occasional nonsensical games (I’m talking to you, Cranium). Throughout it all, though, I have harbored a deep dark secret, one that was buried deep in my soul. I, Nathan Badley, am a cheater. It’s […]


I Am Officially Smarter Than a Brain Surgeon

I feel stupid. A lot. There are many times when I find myself wondering if I am, in fact, the dumbest person on the planet. It could be after yanking on a door that has been outfitted with a large “PULL” sign. It might be after spilling coffee on my pants in a way that, […]

Like Applebee’s, Olive Garden Loves Drunken Toddlers

You might recall mere days ago, I tried to defend Applebee’s against the unjust allegations that they were trying to give alcohol to a toddler when they, in fact, ACCIDENTALLY gave a toddler alcohol. Big difference. Yesterday, after the uproar had reached a fever pitch (and by fever pitch, I mean it was on a […]