Scrabble Player Caught Cheating (This Title is Worth 51 Points!)

Throughout my life, I have played many board games. There have been trivia games and strategy games. There have even been occasional nonsensical games (I’m talking to you, Cranium). Throughout it all, though, I have harbored a deep dark secret, one that was buried deep in my soul. I, Nathan Badley, am a cheater. It’s […]

Board Games: Please Don’t Make Me Play Them Ever Again

I’m about to say something that will enrage the masses. I hate board games. Right now, you are seriously thinking about throwing your computer to the ground and hunting me down just to punch me in the face. I know this is your reaction because this is not the first time I’ve said this. In […]

Earth Hour 2011: Learn to Love the Dark

I’ve been training for this all year. Tomorrow, the pain, the torture, all of the stress will be worth it when my switch-flipping finger can properly save the world. Tomorrow is Earth Hour. For those who aren’t too sure what I’m talking about, read a newspaper every so often. I can’t be your source of […]