Nathan’s Inferno Pars Duo: The Saga Continues

Several days ago, I began a tale of dread, a saga of horror. I began to tell the story of my trip to the Driver’s License Bureau. We now will rejoin this tale as our hero is headed to the second of the three lines.   Line 2: Versus Per Totus Of Numerus (The Line […]

Nathan’s Inferno: A Driver’s License Bureau Tale

There is a classic epic poem called “The Divine Comedy.” In it, Dante, a writer so good that he only has one name, describes in detail the nine circles of Hell as his hero navigates his way through them on his way to the Mount of Purgatory. While Dante was able to navigate these circles, […]

Update: Tennessee Drivers Continue to Scare Me

Yesterday, I wrote what I consider to be a witty piece about the drivers in Tennessee. In short, I said that they are not so good at the steering and braking and that I spend every second that I am on the road trying my best to avoid a fiery and unpleasant death. I am […]

Thanks For the Death Reminders, Tennessee

Driving in Nashville is a dangerous affair. Having spent my entire driving career in Kansas City, I was used to a certain type of driver. Everyone will drive ten miles over the speed limit. Everyone will tailgate. Everyone will drive stupidly in the rain, sleet, snow, ice, hail, or any other perceivable thing that might […]