No Netflix. I Dare Say Those Are Not My Top Picks.

I want to be clear before we begin this blog post: I love my wife. She is the apple of my eye, the Yin to my Yang, the fruit of my loom. All of that cheesy stuff. For five years, we have cohabitated and done so very successfully. I attribute this to our willingness to […]

No, The Novelization of “Men In Black” Does Not Count as a Book

I was peacefully enjoying a nice cup of tea today when I happened to glance across the room. There sat a man reading. This is not unusual. In fact, I see people reading almost every day. If you didn’t know better, you would think these people had no TV or something. They’re probably just there […]


My Hour Without Internet

I’ve heard legend of a time when all of the information that people were aware of were stored in things called “books.” These books, called encyclopedias, were sold door to door by men who desperately hoped for a family to drop the hundreds of dollars it would take to have this information in their home. […]