No, The Novelization of “Men In Black” Does Not Count as a Book

I was peacefully enjoying a nice cup of tea today when I happened to glance across the room. There sat a man reading. This is not unusual. In fact, I see people reading almost every day. If you didn’t know better, you would think these people had no TV or something. They’re probably just there […]


Oh, Good. More Angry Birds to Waste My Life On…

I tried to be productive today. Honestly, I did. I worked very hard to get things done all day. At least, I worked hard until I became distracted. Normally, I become distracted on my own. It’s very easy. I could be distracted by a fly on the wall or a bird outside or someone saying […]

RIP Cell Phone; Hello New Technology

I remember when my mom got her first cell phone. It was a large brick of a cell phone that was able to do two things: Call people and play a game where you controlled a worm. What a technological marvel it was. It was like a phone you would have in your house, but […]

Prepare For The Real World, Now You’re A College Graduate

College is important. Without college, many people would have no idea how to slack off properly and get by with the bare minimum. For four years (if you are slacking off properly), you attend a university to receive the education that will benefit you for the rest of your adult life. You find out what […]