Stop Being Creepy Google

Yesterday, I wrote an amusing little vignette about an email I had received. I am, of course, using the word “amusing” very loosely. I guess you could say the same thing about “vignette.” Really, most of that last sentence was a large pile of crap. In this email I referred to, the Republican National Committee […]

My Hour Without Internet

I’ve heard legend of a time when all of the information that people were aware of were stored in things called “books.” These books, called encyclopedias, were sold door to door by men who desperately hoped for a family to drop the hundreds of dollars it would take to have this information in their home. […]

Block Charlie Sheen From Your Computer

     Two weeks ago, if someone had asked me what the two most popular phrases in the English language would be today, I would have said “Why are you asking me that? Are you insane, because that’s a very strange question. I don’t even know you. Please get away from me.” After that, I probably […]