Smart Phones: The Fat Thumb’s Natural Enemy

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Warning: the following post was written on a smartphone. You will most likely find it to be full of typos and, occaisuonally diffycylt to read. Not that this is much different than usual.

Technology is a great thing. Without technology, we would still be ridibg horses everywhere and dying if typhoid fever. That would be a pretty terrible world to live in. There wield also be a lot more poop in the street.

One of the grsatest inventions of all yime was the fell phone. Not the fell phone. The cell hone. You k now what I mea n.

I remeber the first phone i bought.That phoen was very simple. I could call people and text. That wad it.

Then the smartphone came around. It was a spectacculae invention.. I could do so many things. Suddenly, I was able to play games and loon up great facts on the internt. The best part was the key oard.  Instead of heaving to type words out on just nine buttons, I ginally had a full keyboard. This seemed like the best thing ever.

Then I tried it.

As you might hae noticed, this is the worst blog posit ever written. My wife has taken claim to the computer this evening, so I an left ttyping on my cell phone.

When the food peipke at Motorola built my phone, they neglected to take the time required to measure the size of a human thumb. Now, this post is a jumble of seemingly random wwords and nonsense like the word peipke.

So to them, i would like to make the following appeal: please, please, please looke at a thumb before yoy make your next phone. It would make it muche more user-friendlu. It woyld also prevent gibberish like this from making its wya onto the ibternet.


Nathan “Fat thumbs” Badley


18 thoughts on “Smart Phones: The Fat Thumb’s Natural Enemy

  1. But if it weren’t for the cell phone we wouldn’t have full sites dedicated to the miserable fails of autocorrect.

    A friend of mine was texting another friend about helping us get a refrigerator or stove or something. Instead, it said she was helping use get Amsterdam. Her texting with the smart phone has given us many hours of laughter, really. 🙂


  2. Isn’t a “food peipke” an Eastern European work shoe adapted for cooking potatoes?

    I’d love to get one of those giant brick phones (extreme upper left) and actually use it. I could carry it around in a backback-like sling and I’d make a point of using it while walking past the stalls at the mall where they sell phones thinner than the three-figure bill you get at the end of the month for the requisite data plan.


  3. I’m with you on this one Nathan. I should have answered from my phone, but I wanted you to actually be able to read this. My hands are tiny and I still can’t type anything right.


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