A Son’s Heart-Wrenching Plea

For the past year, I have silently been suffering. It has been a very rough time for me and the rest of my family as we have watched my mother slip into the deep abyss of a very troublesome addiction. For the past year, we can barely speak or communicate with her. Now, though, I […]


Oh, Good. More Angry Birds to Waste My Life On…

I tried to be productive today. Honestly, I did. I worked very hard to get things done all day. At least, I worked hard until I became distracted. Normally, I become distracted on my own. It’s very easy. I could be distracted by a fly on the wall or a bird outside or someone saying […]

Smart Phones: The Fat Thumb’s Natural Enemy

Warning: the following post was written on a smartphone. You will most likely find it to be full of typos and, occaisuonally diffycylt to read. Not that this is much different than usual. Technology is a great thing. Without technology, we would still be ridibg horses everywhere and dying if typhoid fever. That would be […]