I Relish Naps Oh So Much

Ahmedabad, India. January 2007. I have the permission from the subject on the image.I love naps.

If I were to list all of my favorite activities in life, I would list naps in eight out of the top ten spots.There is just something about sleeping in the middle of the day that is the ultimate gratification.

As a child, I hated naps. For some reason the thought of having to sleep and missing out on something was a fate worse than death. I wish I had a time machine to go back to that child and tell him to stop being an idiot and take as many naps as humanly possible while he was still able to. He would probably still whine about napping, but taking any further steps to convince him might cause a Butterfly Effect situation, so I would just jump back into my time machine and leave him alone.

In honor of my favorite extracurricular activity, I have expressed my love in the most beautiful form imaginable: haiku.


I Relish Naps Oh So Much

My ultimate dream:

Nap after nap forever.

Wait…isn’t that death?


8 thoughts on “I Relish Naps Oh So Much

  1. I have to agree with you. I love naps.In fact, I take my nanna naps VERY seriously. A four hour nanna nap is not beyond my realm of accomplishment on a good day. I also used to hate naps when I was a child, for fear of missing out on something. I do still like to go to bed very late (usually Farm Heroes Saga or Australia’s Got Talent has me under it’s spell) but also love to sleep in where possible.


  2. I also love naps – but then I am an insomniac who gets very little sleep at night in my bed. Even if I force myself to stay awake all day, thinking I will sleep better at night without a nap, it doesn’t work – I still only sleep 3 – 4 hours a night if I sleep at all. But most days I have no problem taking a nap, so I love the little extra sleep I get.


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