The Hunt For My Nickname

I do not have a nickname.

This is not by choice. In 26 years on this planet, I have just never had one for some reason. I watch all of the nicknamed individuals frolic about with their cool pseudonyms and I feel great envy.

Unable to take it anymore, I have created a list of acceptable nicknames. It is my goal to make one of these stick:

-Captain Dynamite
-Lord Nathan, Archduke of Canterbury
-The Adequate Bambino
-Jay-Z (This one may already be taken. I’ll do some research and find out.)
-Tons of Fun
-Chief Dynamite
-The Falcon
-Vanilla Dynamite
-Roger Jones
-Really anything with the word “Dynamite” would be good.
-El tipo muy fuerte, que es muy bien parecido.

Someday, God willing, one of these will be on my tombstone.

26 thoughts on “The Hunt For My Nickname

  1. this is funny, but Nathan I think you kind of miss the point of a nickname it is normally used as a way of identifying base on a characteristic, trait style. Most of the times used for people that do not have a short version of their name. Like you could be called Nate, rather that is a preference or not. I can understand your nickname envy while you look to gain one I have more than I care to list each representing some characteristic but me all the same. A name is what you make it. Make yours. Do you game? a lot of times people get them in the gaming community as monikers for things they are good at. just a thought take your time really consider what you want the name to convey, I think you have a good start but I think you can come up with something better.

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  2. I personally like Roger Jones, but then it would be shortened to “Roge”, and you wouldn’t like that much. The point of a nickname is to shorten the name to make it easier to say, now “Nat” wouldn’t be a good nickname for you, so your full name will suffice. Good luck on your journey! Also, you’re lucky you don’t have BAD nicknames. Trust me, some kids will always have them.

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  3. My late dog, Shadow, had a nick name… we used to call hm Ding Dong. He earned that nick name well and truly as he was always running into things and being silly, and we would always say ‘you are such a ding dong, Shadow’….and it stuck.

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  4. Totally get you, I have never been called by a nickname as well, but this is probably because my name is such a short one. still i’m always asking my best friends to finally think of a good one, in your case I like Roger Jones best but then again it’d be even longer than your real name. I’d recommend to just stick to nathan until someone comes up with a good one that has a meaning.

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