Dear Nathan

For some time now, I have occasionally offered up my advice in posts I have titled “Dear Nathan.” Normally, these letters are hunted down by yours truly so that I can give the advice that other advice columnists (the main one rhyming with “Smear Cabby”) are afraid or far too stupid to offer up. For […]

The Oregon Trail: Fun with Dysentery

A couple months ago, my well meaning and delightful wife bought me what she considered to be the best Christmas present ever: an iPod touch. As an audiophile, I enjoy music, and this seemed like a great way for me to be able to listen to a tune. It has given me hours of entertainment. […]

Is this how becoming an Old Fogie begins?

I’m becoming old and boring. Let’s be honest. EVERYONE is becoming old and boring. As you get older, the things that were fun, interesting and delightful become boring, dull, and so unbelievably obnoxious that you find your self wanting to complain about young people’s music and the height of their pants. I first thought about […]