You Can Crown Me the King of Confrontation

Confrontation is an uncomfortable thing. There is nothing pleasant about it. Sure, it isn’t the worst thing I could ever have to face. If I were to be forced to choose between confrontation and an angry bear, I would choose confrontation, but only because confrontation with an angry bear would most likely end with mauling. […]

Nathan’s Last Will and Testament. You Know, Just In Case.

In 1817, Benjamin Franklin wrote a now famous phrase, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Of course this was a major overstatement. There are many overlooked certainties in life. For instance, you can certainly not stop after eating just one potato chip. The point Benji F. was […]

Man Pays Bill With 2,500 Pennies, Successfully Proves Himself to be Irrational

The other day, I reached under my car seat and found some pocket change. This is not a rare occurrence. At times, it seems like people may have mistaken my vehicle for a wishing fountain, throwing their unwanted change through my rolled down window. I usually throw the coins into the car ashtray and forget […]