Turkey, Dressing and a Plague

  There is no better way to follow up a lovely holiday like Thanksgiving than by becoming sick. Fortunately for me, my mother did more than just cook a turkey: she brought home a plague so that everyone could have the joy of hugging a toilet while wondering how much liquid can come out of […]


Solve Your Thanksgiving Leftover Problem Now!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and done, Americans are all asking the same question. “What should I do with all of these leftovers?” Sure, you can just continue to eat them over and over and over until you’re tempted to cut your tongue out, avoiding the leftover turkey flavor. That, though, can be very messy. […]

What’s Inside Your Turkey?: A Thanksgiving Post

Once upon a time, there lived a group of Europeans. These Europeans were very upset with their home-continent, so they jump in a bunch of big boats and sailed away. Eventually, these people landed inAmerica, a new land that had recently been discovered. Unfortunately, they were not aware that this new land was void of […]

Rise Up, Turkeys! Thanksgiving Must Stop Now!

There was a time thousands of years ago that turkeys could roam free. Turkeys were everywhere, from the Redwood Forest’s turkeys to the Gulf Stream Waters’ turkeys. Turkeys were able to build up a large and strong society. Then, tragedy struck. As a group of humans arrived in this great land searching for freedom, these […]