Prepare My Nobel Prize, I Have Solved Life’s Greatest Mystery

There are a great number of mysteries in life. What happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Who shot JFK and was it the same person who shot J.R. on Dallas? (Spoiler Alert: No.) Where in the world is that darn Carmen Sandiego? The biggest mystery, though, revolves around, of all things, candy. Exactly how many licks does […]


Happ(le)y Birthday, Johnny Appleseed. You Were One Fruit Obsessed Freak.

There are a few smells associated with fall. There is the smell of cinnamon, the smell of a campfire, the smell of a child’s vomit after too much Halloween candy (a smell comprised of two parts Snickers’ bar, one part Tootsie Pop, and four parts stomach lining). One big smell people always think of, though, […]