Sextuplets: Why? No, seriously. Are you being punished for something?

I don’t care for children. Sure, they’re adorable, with their little feet and hands. Sometimes they do funny things. Also, they finally give you an excuse to eat Fruity Pebbles and play with your G.I. Joe’s again. Unfortunately, they are also little people that you are supposed to take care of. When they are new, […]


The Innerworkings of a Mad Man

I’m not sure how my brain works. I’m not talking medically, though I don’t really understand that process either. Something about electrons and brain cells and not getting concussions… I don’t know. It all sounds very complicated to me. No, in general I’m not sure why my thought process is the way that it is. […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Landonburg or Bust Part 2

After a very close vote, you people have chosen that Craig remain in the car with Mason. Although I was hoping that Craig would steal Mason’s beef jerkey and run, I’m not in control. If you haven’t read part 1, here it is. Without further ado, here is part two of “Landonburg or Bust.” Craig […]

Deep Thoughts For The Weekend

The weekend can be a very boring time. I’ve found it can be an excellent time for self reflection. It’s important for a person to look inside themselves and examine their innermost thoughts. These are what I’ve thought about today. – Someone at some point in history invented shoelaces. Before that, they only had shoes […]