Spring Cleaning: A Lesson In Procrastination

Prepare your mops and your dustpans. Empty out your vacuum bags. Put the finishing touches on your working replica of Rosie, the robot maid from The Jetsons. It’s officially time for spring cleaning. Every year, it happens the same way. You realize the necessity of spring cleaning as the sun comes out and warms your […]

Today’s Obligatory Blog Post

I woke up today feeling like my head was full of pressure, much like a balloon. Suffice it to say, my least favorite part of spring is here. Allergies. So, thank you so much, Spring, for the wonderful and bountiful gifts you have bestowed on us. I am really enjoying the head full of snot […]

List of the week: The Best of Spring

Today is the last day of February. That means the winter months are officially ending and its time to look forward to Spring. Hoorah! With that said, it’s time for us to examine the best things about Spring. 1. The weather Sandwiched in between the frigidity of Winter and the brain melting heat of Summer […]

The Great Carwash Adventure (That would be an incredible Indiana Jones movie!)

Kansas City experienced its first taste of spring today. What a glorious taste it was. The sun beamed down on the world, illuminating the layers of dust my vehicle had accumulated. See, my vehicle collects dust like Flava Flav collects racial stereotypes, meaning it really collects dust. Walking to my car, I thought to myself, […]