Social Media: Bringing Unprecedented Stupidity Since 1994

Social media can be a very useful tool. It can be a great way to spread breaking news. Studies show that social media can help improve life satisfaction and overall well-being. It can help facilitate political change, promote good deeds throughout a community, disarm social stigmas, and help law enforcement catch and prosecute criminals. For […]


Soon We Will Be Cavemen Again

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no doubt about it. We as a species are devolving. At this moment, we as a society are dumbing ourselves down voluntarily in an effort to “socialize”. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, we were very stupid. We could barely communicate. Scientists say that the humans that lived in this […]

Tweeting: How To Make People Dislike You With One Bad Decision

I have heard legend of a simpler time. Years ago, in a previous century, people would express themselves through the age old practiced tradition of speaking. If they had something to say about a particular event, they would say it to a nearby friend or family member or random person on the street. If no […]

Heartster: The Next Big Social Media Craze

People are always looking for the next big thing. Whether it’s technology, medicine, or just a random household appliance, science devotes 300 times the energy to developing these gems than what is spent trying to cure diseases (At least, those stats are right according to a study I did thirty seconds ago. I asked my cat and dog, […]