The Joys of Sicknesses

Snnnnnrkkrkrkrrkrkrrkkkkkk! That is the sound my nose makes today. Normally, my nose does like most noses, providing me with oxygen quietly and efficiently. That is the benefit of having a nose that resembles Toucan Sam’s in size. It is much more efficient when it comes to breathing. Snnnnrkrkrkrkrrkrkrkkrrrrrrrrrkkkkkk! At least it used to be more […]

Today’s Obligatory Blog Post

I woke up today feeling like my head was full of pressure, much like a balloon. Suffice it to say, my least favorite part of spring is here. Allergies. So, thank you so much, Spring, for the wonderful and bountiful gifts you have bestowed on us. I am really enjoying the head full of snot […]