Thanks For Making Feel Like A Slacker, Willie Nelson

There are certain things that make you question your life. I mean, I think I am doing okay thus far. I have not committed any heinous crimes or done anything terrible. Overall, I have been a pretty good person. I, however, have wondered if I am living up to my full potential. Willie Nelson is […]

A Cupcake’s Tragic End 2: The Cupcakening

Last night, I wrote a post berating my neighbors for smashing a cupcake on our front step. (You can read that here) After reading it, though, my wife was concerned. She did not feel that my post was nearly sarcastic or passive-aggressive enough.  I guess she was concerned that our neighbors might someday read this […]

Snoop Dogg is Out To Ruin My Relationship

My wife and I just had a fight. Normally, this would be the part where I try to convince myself it was her fault. On her end, she is no doubt doing the same. This time, though, neither one of us is to blame. This time, it’s all Snoop Dogg’s fault. Like every married fight, […]