The Mystery Of The Palm Bruise

Sleep is meant to be a tranquil activity. There may be tossing and turning and, in the case of my wife, an occasional flailing arm that lands directly atop me, but for the most part sleeping people are meant to lie still for several hours of undisturbed silence. I have always liked this part about […]


Why Does My Bed Refuse To Do Its Job?

Tuesday started off very poorly. I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock. After hitting snooze until the very last second I could, I crawled out of bed. I stood up straight and immediately realized two things. I was still tired. Not regular tired, but somehow after a full night’s sleep, I was more […]

Barack Obama, Shower Curtains, and Dachshund Paws: The Ramblings of a Sleepless Man

It is currently 4:14 in the AM. So why am I awake right now, you may ask? Well, I am asking the same question. I don’t have a good answer. Maybe I’m concerned with the economy. Maybe I’m worried about the type of world my future children will have to live in. Maybe my dog […]

“Women Are Irrational,” Says Science

Well, it’s official. Science has proven it, and there is no disputing the facts here, ladies and gentlemen. Women are completely and utterly irrational. Science Daily, a publication I assume to be very reputable because it has the word “Science” in the title, not to mention they know enough to publish something “Daily,” has published […]